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Unit オフィシャルホームページ

Unit is the collaborative project of Takashi Mori (from Kyoto, now living in Shiga, Japan) and Rhys Marsh (from London, England, now living in Trondheim, Norway). They met a few years ago on MySpace and began collaborating on each other’s solo works, before deciding to create their own project. It became their own 'unit', in which Mori handles the compositions and arrangements, whilst Marsh takes charge of the vocals and lyrics.

They are very much interested in the history and culture of their countries and are, in their
way, incorporating elements of this into their sound. To contrast with this almost-traditional
style of composition, they work from their own studios, Studio Bosco and Autumnsongs,
sending files back and forth via the internet. It's this combination of past and present that
makes Unit's sound so captivating.
When it came to the final recordings, they wanted to add some more spice to their sound, so
they called upon such luminaries as Ingrid Chavez (David Sylvian, Prince) and Ketil
Vestrum Einarsen (Jaga Jazzist), along with acclaimed Japanese musicians Tetsuroh,
Takumi Seino and mAru.

Unitは森  崇 (京都出身、滋賀在住)とRhys Marsh (ロンドン出身、ノルウェー在住)のコラボレーションプロジェクトです。

我々は数年前にMYSPACE MUSICを通じて知り合い、互いのソロプロジェクトに参加、協力をする中、このプロジェクトに発展しました。Unitは、私、森  崇の作曲、編曲に、Rhys Marshが歌詞、ボーカルをのせていくというのが基本スタイルです。

「オーソドックスなボーカルソング」を目指して、互いのスタジオ、”studo BOSCO” “studio Autumnsongs”よりサーバーを介したファイル交換を繰り返しながらUnitのサウンドを生み出してきました。

制作が進むなかで、Ingrid Cahvez (David Sylvian, Prince)やKetil Vestrum Einarsen  (Jaga Jazzist)、日本からは、徹郎や清野拓巳、mAruなどの素晴らしいコラボレーターの参加を経て、現在3曲入りのEP版をiTunesより配信、またアルバム制作に向けて進行中です。

Unit “falls From View”

1.Coming Back To None

2.You’d Be The One (feat. Ingrid Chavez)

3.White House (feat. Ingrid Chavez)

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Ingrid Chavez

Ketil Vestrum Einarsen

Tetsuroh Konishi


Takumi Seino

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